September 2010 Director-y

Our September meeting will feature the musical stylings ….wait a minute—the comedic prowess … true, but not really relevant. Let’s try again.

For September, DASFA welcomes the multiple award-winning author, toastmaster extraordinaire, political junkie and sometime soprano Connie Willis. Blackout is coming out in paperback, so she will probably be willing to sign copies, as well as discussing the followup second half novel, All Clear (scheduled for Oct. 19 release). Knowing Connie, a number of other topics are likely to arise … all entertaining, insightful and incisive. Don’t miss your chance to see Connie now, as she is unable to attend MileHiCon this year.

Coming up:
October DASFA meeting – after a preview of MileHiCon,it’s Six Guns Laura! That’s artist Laura Givens, who has now added author and editor hats to her wardrobe. She will talk about her involvement in the new anthology, Six Guns from Hell, in all three capacities.
Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

  • The picnic was small but fun—it’s a good site as long as people read and follow the directions. If we go back next year, it should be easier to find.
  • Rhonda and Tay’s Alternate was an intimate group, which is not surprising given the holiday weekend. The attendees (of which I was one) seemed to have a good time, and the food was great.
  • The Dead Dog this month at Laura’s should be a lot of fun … hope many of you will make it!