October 2010 Director-y

Our October meeting will feature Six-Guns Straight from Hell Laura Givens, who will talk about her involvement with the anthology in her triplicate role as co-editor, contributor and art director. It’s a busy life!

There will also be a preview of MileHiCon programming … it’s coming up fast! … and quick discussion of plans for the DAFA con suite sponsorship.

I currently have no idea what the November program will consist of other than looking for nominations for next year’s officers. Be thinking about whether this is the year YOU step up to help run the club and keep it going!

Having won the tickets in the raffle I went to see Something Wicked This Way Comes last week. It was interesting but confusing to me since I haven’t read the book or seen the movie. (Yes, I know I should.) Some of the staging was cool, but on opening night there was too much going on at the back of the stage, and they weren’t miked. That issue may have been addressed in later performances.

Coming up:
November DASFA meeting – nominations for next year’s slate of officers, con reports on MileHiCon 42, Christmas Orgy planning…
Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

  • The Dead Dog at Laura’s was a lot of fun … good to see a bunch of you there!
  • I didn’t make Gail & Sourdough’s Alternate—but I did finally get the programming finished!
  • Hope to see a number of you at Jim and Katie’s Dead Dog this month. I hope they got their address sent in to DASFAx; I haven’t heard anything one way or the other from the editors… but then I’ve been out of it for the past week. I feel myself popping up from the morass like a bleary-eyed prairie dog. Hope there are no hawks hovering overhead…

Yours in fandom,