July 2010 Director-y

Don’t miss our July program—double the authors, double the fun with Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein. Jeanne’s series about Anna Strong, the vampire bounty hunter, is now six books long with the upcoming release of Chosen. Mario’s vampire detective, Felix Gomez, has starred in 5 books and now is appearing in a graphic novel series. Expect a program with some bite to it as these two vampire-loving novelists speak. Whether they do their interactive Plot on the Spot or some other presentation, it’s sure to be something you don’t want to miss!

Also this meeting, we need to do any coordinating we intend to for the August Picnic. Be thinking about what you’d like to bring so we can be efficient and get to the program quickly!

Afterwards, plan to head out to the Dead Dog … I *believe* John and Tammy are hosting, which usually means good food and the option of games (I may even bring my copy of Before I Kill You, Mister Bond).

*Note: I may take advantage of the Dead Dog to do some MileHiCon program polling, so if you’d like to weigh in, that would be one way to do so.*

Coming up:
August Picnic – at Progress Park in Littleton! I’m hoping the map made it to the editors. ….

September DASFA meeting – the ever-popular and scintillating Connie Willis will be our guest.
Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

  • I missed the June Dead Dog at Bruce & Sandy’s, but hey—I was doing good to make the meeting. Hope the party went well!
  • The July Alternate at our place was a lot of fun. Thanks to Erik for the hibachi and Rhonda & Tay for the grill! There were hot dogs and hamburgers grilled, chicken, watermelon, cookies and more consumed and much ping pong played (albeit by a small subset of the partiers. And, it turned out, you could see some fireworks from our front porch. I even got some MileHiCon science track planning done with Al Mayer.
  • As I said, I believe John & Tammy have the July Dead Dog, but I’m shaky on who has the August Alternate, and historically, any Dead Dog after the picnic is spontaneous and nearby. If there *are* any DASFAns in the southern reaches who would be interested/willing, feel free to mention it at the July meeting.

Yours in fandom,