January Directory

I’m kicking off my second term (this time around) as director with a great program. Award-winning fantasy author Carol Berg will begin her Soul Mirror book launch with an appearance at DASFA (we get her even before Tattered Cover!), The Soul Mirror is the sequel to The Spirit Lens. The Collegia Magica trilogy will conclude in 2012 with The Daemon Prism.

Other novels and series by Carol include The Lighthouse Duet (Flesh And Spirit, Breath and Bone), the Books of the Rai-kirah (Transformation, Revelation, Restoration), The Bridge of D'Arnath (Son of Avonar, Guardians of the Keep, The Soul Weaver, Daughter of Ancients) and the standalone book, Song of the Beast.

Don't miss your chance to see and hear Carol! Ron and Nina will have copies of The Soul Mirror on hand for buying and signing, if you are so inclined.

I’m still working on February, March and April, but in May our program will be Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem.

Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

  • The holidays wiped me out so I missed the January Alternate at Gail and Sourdough’s – any reports on how it went?
  • Plan to make it to the January Dead Dog to see Dana Cain’s amazing art house! (It said February in the Events section last month, but I’m pretty darn sure she went for January.)
  • For those so inclined, remember that the eighth annual Cosine in Colorado Springs will happen January 21-23 (http://firstfridayfandom.org/cosine/). Guest of Honor this year is Sharon Shinn, with other authors also appearing. I believe at the door membership is $40.
  • And be thinking about what Dead Dog or Alternate you’d like to host – John and Bonnie Doran will he holding the April Alternate & Film Festival and Gail usually takes the June Alternate for her Garden Party, but others (including the February alternate and Dead Dog) are still available. I was thinking I might try to foment a group outing to SmashPutt in February for the Apocalypse MiniGolf – any interest?

Yours in fandom,