December Director-y

Our December meeting will be the annual and traditional Christmas Orgy, once again hosted by Bruce and Sandy in their palatial and art-filled party pad. I’m already contemplating what to make and bring to our yearly culinary blowout…I may also bring a game or two.

Looks like I’ll be directing for one more year. I don’t know yet what the January program will be but hope to get started lining up things by the beginning of the year (or earlier, if I get the holiday/time continuum under control).

Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

  • The December Alternate/Open House was well-attended (about 55 people throughout the day) and was a lot of fun. We still have cookies and a little bit of the second brie, but the cheesecake is now gone.
  • The January Alternate on New Year’s Day will be at Gail and Sourdough’s. Come see the Christmas tree grove! Recover from a night of debauchery!
    And the January Dead Dog will be at Dana Cain’s amazing art house—don’t miss it!

Yours in fandom,