August 2010 DASFA Director-y

It’s time for the August picnic, this year at Progress Park in Littleton. There should be a map elsewhere in this month’s DASFAx, but the address is 5100 S. Hickory St. There apparently is a grill available, so check around and bring charcoal and tongs, etc., if you want to cook. I’m likely to bring pre-made food, but then I’m lazy efficient … and I’ll probably also haul along a couple of Frisbees for low-key physicality.

Remember that we have it reserved from 10 am-3 pm, so a bit earlier than usual, though we can stick around if no one reserved the shelter for late afternoon. Or it could mean time to go to a spontaneous Dead Dog Afternoon, or maybe even a group expedition to see Inception for the first or second time. I haven’t seen it yet myself, but have heard good reviews.

Coming up:

  • September DASFA meeting – the ever-popular and always scintillating Connie Willis will be our speaker!
  • October DASFA meeting – expect a preview of MileHiCon and perhaps an additional program TBD.

Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

  • The July Dead Dog at John & Tammy’s was fun, and I even got to play Before I Kill You, Mister Bond.
  • I will be heading down to Colorado Springs later for the August Alternate at Morland’s house … hope a few folk make it there!
  • Looking a couple of months ahead – Sourdough, put us down for the December Alternate. Dave and I decided we can double up on my annual open house, so the party will be more holiday and less fannish than usual, but also more highly attended.

Shorter than usual, but things have been hectic. Hope to see many of you at the picnic!

Yours in fandom,