February Director-y (2014 edition)

I hope everyone has been doing well with this cold wet weather that we’ve been seeing. It didn’t keep people away from our February Alternate at the Crawford’s place. We had a good crowd show up and as always some good conversations going on.

If you want a truly odd little thing to occupy your time while goofing around on-line, check out Neil Gaiman reading Green Eggs and Ham (http://www.worldbuilders.org/our-next-stretch-goal-unlocks-at/neil-gaima...). It is part of his helping the charity group Worldbuilders.

Speaking of Gaiman, I have learned that HBO decided not to pursue the American Gods TV series, but it has been picked up by Freemantle Media, but that is all that is known as of now. His book Anasi Boys is being turned into a mini-series for the BBC. Gives us some future TV projects to look forwards to.

Another Sci-fi charity related promotion is going on with the Make a Wish Foundation. For a ten dollar donation, you are entered for a chance to fly to California, get a tour of Skywalker Ranch then meet George Lucas and Mark Hamill (http://www.nerdist.com/2014/01/donate-to-win-a-trip-to-meet-lucas-and-sk...). In case anyone is thinking rewarding your hard working director, there is the option to make these donations under another person’s name in order to give them entries in the contest.

On January 25th we had an Officers’ meeting to go over what we can do to promote DASFA and make sure all is running as smoothly as possible. There were a lot of good ideas that we will start trying to implement. I will be putting out the information on all of it as needed. If all goes wells there will be some exciting announcements to come.

One new thing we will be trying this year is to start hosting events as the various conventions. I will start this by hosting the Dr. Who Trivia contest at Anomalycon at the end of March. We will be giving away DASFA t-shirts and memberships to the winners. If this goes well we will look into what can be done at other conventions. If you are planning on attending a convention and would like to host an event on behalf of DASFA, get with me and we can make the needed arrangements.

The guests for our February meeting will be the members of The Girls of Geek (http://girlsofgeek12.com/). They are a group that is active in the local geek scene. Their bloggers cover the local conventions and other geek events with written and video blogs.

In case anyone is interested in seeing the kinds of things I write about elsewhere, I have a blog that I’ve been working on for a little while now (http://beyondmygeekylife.blogspot.com/). I talk about all things geeky there, with opinions and ideas about books, TV shows, movies and more.

If any of our members have similar blogs or projects, send them in so we can help you promote them. It would be interesting to learn what other members are working on.